About us

Company PSR d.o.o. cooperates with the world’s leading companies. Our goal is to provide complete customer support in industrial technology projects in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Albania. 

In cooperation with equipment manufacturers, we can carry out integrated projects, the supply of individual components or the optimization and upgrading of production in foundries. With the latest and most sophisticated technology available, we can offer to foundries the equipment that will provide maximum automation and optimum cost of production. 

We devote special care and attention in preserving and protecting the environment. With our partners we carry out projects for purification of water, air, waste treatment, and exploitation of renewable energy sources. We are aware that the developed industry is the key to prosperity, but not at the expense of nature.

We offer our customers optimum solutions and provide them with quality and regular support. 

PSR – Solutions for the Future 


PSR, projekti, svetovanje in razvoj, d.o.o.
VAT ID: SI63583909
Reg. Nr: 6159036000
Bank acc.: IBAN SI56 0451 5000 2027 420 (NOVA KBM d.d.)

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