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We are proud to introduce the latest cutting-edge foundry equipment from our esteemed partners, offering state-of-the-art features and advancements that push the boundaries foundry industry, enabling our customers to achieve unprecedented levels of precision and efficiency.





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For several decades DISA serves world’s foundry industry with cutting edge moulding technologies. When in middle 60’s company introduced DISAMATIC vertical moulding, it has been real break-through in then foundry habits.

DISAMATIC moulding method became soon preferred for high and mid volume casting production. Many innovations have been introduced by DISA that improved basically all aspects of green sand moulding process. One stays however unchanged – DISAMATIC unbeatable for its performance, quality and manufacturing economy.

DISA’s moulding product portfolio comprises moulding lines for ferrous and non-ferrous foundries:
– vertical (DISAMATIC®)
– match plate (DISA MATCH) and
– horizontal (DISA FLEX) green sand moulding systems

For many customers the company provides complete integrated foundry lines which, in addition to the moulding technology platforms, include complete solutions for:
– sand plants
– conveyor systems
– cooling drums and shake-out systems
– cleaning solutions (filters and dedusting)
– CIM modules

A long-standing tradition of innovation, reliability and commitment to providing its customers with competitive business value, results in DISA today enjoying the trust and loyalty of leading foundries all over the world.


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Wheelabrator is the world leader in surface preparation technology, offering a complete range of airblast, wheelblast and mass finishing solutions.

All three applications of surface preparation (the bringing of an abrasive into contact with a metal surface) are offered by Wheelabrator:

  • centrifugal propulsion of the abrasive (wheelblast)
  • pneumatic propulsion of the abrasive (airblast)
  • immersion in the abrasive (mass or vibratory finishing)


Wheelabrator, as the world’s leading surface preparation company, offers a complete range of equipment, services and parts. Leading companies in the foundry, automotive, aerospace, energy, marine, rail, construction and many other industries have used Wheelabrator Group’s products and services to improve productivity and profitability for over 100 years. With approximately 15,000 active customers in nearly 100 countries, Wheelabrator continues to use the experience of having the largest installed base in the industry to deliver the best solution for the customer.

Designing and installing the equipment is only half of the challenge. Supporting the customer’s machine in the field is the other half. To meet this local support requirement, Wheelabrator created Wheelabrator Plus ‐ the industry’s first standalone local service and parts offer.


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Ambitious foundries are on a digital journey. The goal? Learning from their data to enhance operations and productivity. DISA and Monitizer® support you every step of the way. With our flexible, scalable Industry 4.0 solution, you can unlock insights that strip out costs, defects and downtime from your process. Monitizer’s digital modules are based on decades of foundry expertise and proven to perform in the toughest environments. Backed by DISA’s global support network, Monitizer helps you turn your data into value.

As your digital journey evolves, Monitizer® grows along with you. You can extend its features quickly and easily to fit your needs Start by collecting and monitoring machine data locally, then expand to a global view. Report and analyse, understand every part of your process and start improving. With Monitizer, you can make rapid, profitable digital progress.


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Since its establishment (in 1969) Italpresse has produced high-pressure hydraulic machines and automatic work cells for die casting process of light alloys.

Italpresse operates worldwide with over 3500 installations and prestigious references, it has maintained its ongoing technological leadership since the 1970s with the introduction of foundry automation and since 2005 with the development of the 2 platen machine.

We build machines and automatic work cells for die casting & gravity casting for light alloys, with a constant focus on excellence, technological innovation, quality and production flexibility. We offer our customers our skills, 45 years of experience, acquired in the most advanced industries worldwide: since our establishment we have exclusively focused on light alloy die casting and gravity casting.

We offer prompt and professional service to ensure that our products always work in the best way and last over time, wherever they are.

We want to attain an even more well established leadership position, increasing our worldwide presence, thus obtaining an even more prestigious market position. We want to become the benchmark in the foundry of light alloys for advanced applications, where innovation is crucial for the creation of cutting-edge technological solutions.



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Expertise and technology for the highest energy efficiency

Since decades our research and development teams in Gummersbach and Wiehl are continuously working to improve and optimize our products in terms of energy efficiency, metal yield and life time. Our new developments such as the StrikoMelter PurEfficiency and Plus+ offers our customers products which allow them to improve their productivity, material use and energy efficiency. This is true for melting and dosing of liquid of aluminum but also for the transfer system Schnorkle. It seems that we are not doing this without success, looking at the numerous customer relationships which already last over decades. Gladly, we arrange contact to fitting reference customer in your area.

Spare parts, service and maintenance worldwide

In 25 countries throughout Europe, Asia and America, StrikoWestofen is located in the centres of the light metal foundry industry, so it is always close to the customer – either with its own subsidiaries or through its sales and service partners. After all, in addition to the products themselves, we consider the services and spare parts we supply to be the main advertisement for our brands. Our spare parts hubs allow us to deliver wearing and spare parts within a day in most countries – with an availability of over 95 percent.


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AED Automation, formerly known as Acheson Industries, is a family owned company located in the south of Germany.

As a vital part of the Wollin group we develop, produce and deliver:

  • leading edge spraying systems for casting and forging industries
  • cell automation for effective processes
  • components, integration systems and turn key systems and processes


Know-How based services and solutions generating synergistic effects are the a core element of our activities.
Our products are well known for best performance and high value. We provide our products and services globally – wherever our customers need us.


As the world’s leading manufacturer of induction metal melting systems for metal producers today, Inductotherm has built more than 36,500 melting and heating systems for metal and metalcasting producers around the globe. With proven induction melting technology for every melt shop requirement, we have the experience to help. Only Inductotherm can offer you proven efficient, reliable, and effective systems to give you the competitive edge.
We design and manufacture the most advanced induction melting, heating, holding, and pouring systems for virtually all metal and material processing. These include equipment for gray and ductile iron, steel, copper, and copper-based alloys, aluminum, zinc, reactive metals, precious metals, silicon, and graphite heating, as well as numerous other special applications. We also design and manufacture a complete line of induction equipment for melting, heating, coating, galvanizing and galvanealing on a continuous basis, primarily for the steel industry.
Metal is the material foundation for the world we live in today. We celebrate the importance of metal, the uniqueness of metal, and the infinite number of ways in which metal makes our lives better. Once transformed, metal can be a thousand different things. We are honoured to be a part of our customer’s journey as they use our products to facilitate these transformations every day. At Inductotherm, we believe that Metal is what YOU make of it. We know what we can do with metal and we want to learn about what you do with metal.


Artimpianti is a world leading manufacturer of complete systems for the complex technology of the aluminium foundry. Our manufacturing facilities are located in Italy, Mexico and India thereby being able to serve multiple continents. Our culture is based on a solid value system that allows us to pursue our strategy while remaining true to our mission and vision.

Foundry technologies:

  • Pre-finishing machinery
  • Decoring
  • Cutting, deburring and brushing
  • HPDC automation
  • LPDC Automation
  • Handling
  • Special machines and processes


Industrial automation:

  • Robotic handling island


Machining works:

  • CNC processing
  • Precision measurement by CMM
  • Programming


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Over 20 years of experience in the automatic finishing of cast iron, steel and light alloy castings, with the ultimate goal of helping foundries all over the world to increase and optimize their production.

We offer automated grinding solutions to improve product quality, reduce production costs, maximize operational efficiency, and protect operator safety.

The solutions are developed, tested and optimized by senior professionals to ensure maximum reliability, safety, efficiency at competitive cost.

We take care of offering complete assistance, from the feasibility study phase to the complete design of the finishing shop, from installation to training, after-sales support, spare parts and continuous improvement of the systems supplied.



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Founded in 1929 in Italy, Magaldi Group is the world’s leading manufacturer of steel belt conveyors to handle materials in severe conditions – including high temperature, abrasive and heavy materials – used in coal-fired power plants, foundries, steel mills, mineral processing plants, cement plants, waste-to-energy plants and solid-fuel power plants, with more than 1,500 installations worldwide.

Magaldi Group’s mission is to design, manufacture and market reliable, high quality systems which are able to provide environmentally sustainable industrial solutions worldwide.

With its headquarters of 2,000 sqm based in Salerno, the Group operates through two production sites located in Buccino (SA), the native town of the Magaldi family. The two factories form a total area of 55,000 sqm, of which 26,000 are covered.

Based on its patented technologies, Magaldi produces highly automated systems able to reduce costs and achieve the highest level of quality in accordance with the principal standards. Its products are distributed worldwide through subsidiaries and licensees.

Magaldi Group operates in three main business areas:

  • The Power division
  • The Industry division
  • The Renewable Energy division


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INDEFUNSA S.A.L. is a Spanish company that develops its main activity in the design and manufacture of machinery for foundry and various installations.  Founded in 1965 and with more than 50 years of experience, INDEFUNSA is in continuous contact with the needs of our clients.  Our commitment to the research and the development of new solutions, enable us to carry out projects in various sectors of the industry.  Our company is made up of a team of professionals with extensive experience in the design and manufacture of machinery for the foundry, experience that we put at the service of our clients, to satisfy their needs, adapting us to their production demands.  Productive means.  Our company INDEFUNSA counts on 8.000 m2 of covered facilities and has more than 40 CNC machines. Our constant commitment to innovation and technology results in that, every year, we invest in machinery to adapt ourselves to the changing needs of the market.  We also assemble and manufacture our machines in our facilities, subjecting them to the most demanding quality tests.



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Vibrotech Engineering, S.L is a Spanish company that develops its main activity in the design and manufacture of vibrating machinery and installations for foundries and other sectors of the industry.

The company is shaped by a team of highly qualified professionals with deep experience in the design and manufacture of vibrating machinery, experience which we offer to our customers to meet their needs, adapting our work to their production needs.

The more than 20 years of experience, always in close contact with the needs of the general industry as well as our commitment to research and to the development of new solutions, enable us to lead projects in various industrial sectors.

From the delegation in the State of Mexico, composed of offices and warehouses, we provide service to the American continent.



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We are a family business with professionalized management and a global outlook, dedicated to the design, manufacture, installation and servicing of turnkey solutions for the transport and processing of scrap metal.

We will do this,

  • Offering a customized service, with reliability and assuming the risks analyzed.
  • Adapting to the needs of our customers and exceeding expectations in each project.
  • We are meeting our agreed commitments with responsibility and effort.
  • Striving for excellence, being non-conformists, and continuously improving the image, product, and service of Cometel. In this way, we will gain our customers’ trust, be the reference in the sector and become an attractive company for attracting and retaining talent.


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Defining and framing ProserviceTech is not an easy task because, despite the constant growth of the last 20 years, the PASSION for foundries and their processes is still our main drive.

We have passed on a visceral passion to all our co-workers together with the idea that every problem must be analyzed from all angles and that complexity generates opportunities.

Over the years our customers have proposed increasingly varied and complex problems that ProserviceTech has transformed into products and knowledge.



ITACA, born 20 years ago as a thermal analysis software, has evolved continuously over time. ITACA today is an open 4.0 project that brings together machines and systems, new sensors, management software, latest generation algorithms and, from 2021, also consumables.


Since 2002, ProserviceTech has been actively involved in the forefront of development for new solutions to improve all the phases of cores and moulds handling and assembly, including drilling and gluing, encompassing the preparation, application, filtration, and drying of foundry coatings. These products are grouped under the brand ARENA.


A brand new green sand reclamation plant based on an efficient thermo-mechanical system to “clean” all the sand grains from the main impurities, avoiding the formation of excess fines, resulting from years of research and design deriving from the Prosevice experience.


ITACA Vision

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During Inoculation process, it is important to consider not only the metallurgical quality of the iron, but also the quality of the inoculant flow.

ITACA Vision is the process control system developed to analyze and control the in-stream inoculation process, measuring the amount and distribution of the inoculant particles on the iron stream for each mold.

Overlay ration synchronization

ITACA Vision quantifies, frame by frame, the quantity of inoculant introduced in the iron flow, together with start and stop delay in terms of 1/10 sec. Was the inoculant present and in the correct amount? Was the inoculant flow correctly synchronized with the iron flow? With ITACA Vision you can easily have an answer to these questions.

Fully integrated into foundry process

ITACA Vision has its own internal database that contains all the control ranges for each casting. When it is connected to the pouring devices, ITACA Vision automatically changes the working ranges according to the casting in production. ITACA Vision can be synchronized with other equipment based on PLC, database, csv file.

But not only!

Through the “Remote ITACA Vision Control”, it is possible to use the alarms detected by the system to warn the operator through additional lights or acoustic signals, or directly to stop the pouring line avoiding any other pouring with errors!

Force inoculation with iron leakage Alarm

Many foundries prefer to “correct” a problem in production with a temporary solution that allows them to conclude production and move the maintenance intervention to a better moment. For this reason, have been developed a feature that activates the “Start Inoculator” when ITACA Vision detects iron flow during a phase of mould forwarding. In this way, the first iron that fills the new mould will not miss the inoculation.

Iron not detected alarm

To increase the reliability of the system, necessary in a Foundry environment, it has been introduced the alarm that switches on if the camera doesn’t see the cast iron flow during the pourings.

In this way, any condition of interruption of the Camera’s line of vision is immediately solved.


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The pouring process is influenced by various factors which can cause possible casting defects. The pouring temperature is one of these key factors. By monitoring the temperature, the possibility of defects such as cold junction, sintering and cementite are reduced. ITACA Pyro was developed to assist foundries by continuously monitoring the iron temperature during the pouring process. Continuous measurement is important because the foundry must understand what is happening with each mould and not just have an approximate idea, averaged over a batch or a period of time.

ITACA Stream

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ITACA Stream is a high-precision system for in-stream late inoculation, to add a controlled amount of inoculant into the iron flow during the pouring of the mould, equipped with a stepper motor dedicated to pipe rotation. Every step of the motor makes the pipe move 0.038 mm (considering 1 m pipe). It can be easily installed.

ITACA Stream is ProService’s answer to late in-stream inoculation equipment. Suitable for both new installations and to replace existing inoculators. As part of the ITACA Family, it is integrable with ITACA Vision and ITACA X.

Dynamic flowrate adjustment with real pouring time

Connection with pouring systems for synchronization with stopper, stop of the line and automatic management of the inoculant flowrate in the function of the real pouring time.

The inoculation needs to be a precise percentage of the casting weight, as pouring time can change, working with a fixed flowrate can lead to miss dosing.

ITACA Stream offers the possibility to recalculate the flowrate for each new pouring, based on the real pouring time.

MULTISERW (molding and core sand testing equipment)

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MULTISERW-Morek is the leading manufacturer of analytical sieves used in quality control laboratories all over the world. All our sieves are made in compliance with national or international specifications. Moreover, each has a declaration of conformity and an individual serial number, which makes it possible to accurately trace its history. Our analytical sieves undergo inspection according to procedures set out in clause 5.2 of the PN-ISO 3310 standard. Each sieve is manufactured in compliance with the most demanding procedures of ensuring quality and using the best materials. The woven wire cloth is inspected during the production process by means of the optical projection method and complex computer scanning techniques. Mesh size measurement and frame dimensions of a sieve ensure that our size and dimensions accuracy standards are conformed to, which is proven by declarations of conformity. Being a manufacturer of laboratory sieves, MULTISERWMorek also provides conformity assessment services of sieves with the standard and calibration services of PCA sieves (ILAC-MRA), which confirm conformity of our sieves to the PN-ISO 3310-1 and the PN-ISO 3310-2 standards.

Meccanica Pierre

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The main Italian specialist and European leader in the technology of trimming and finishing of high-pressure die-castings and castings, as also for castings produced through composite materials such as gmt, lft, lwrt etc.

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